Adult Christian Education

Our very own Pastor David is leading our adult education classes.

  • Our current class is a nine-week study of Genesis that runs from October 22 through December 17. In the beginning, starts the first book of the Bible. It's the Book of Genesis, which starts off the great narratives and stories of our faith, and man, does it ever. It's a book filled with wild and strange adventures, a book filled with stories that were first sung in ancient temples or spun out by the fireside as the family gathered in from the fields at night. These are stories that go back deep, that answer the question: why is there anything? Who are we as human beings? Why are things so messed up? We who walk the way of Jesus have these stories casting out some of the foundational understandings of our faith, and if you've not really taken time with's worth it. In this nine week series of classes, we'll take a slow, intentional walk through each of the sections of this millennia-old text. Bring your bible and your questions, and join us!
  • Mid-October marked the end of a six-week study of C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. Of all of the Christian writers and thinkers of the 20th Century, arguably one of the most influential was C.S. Lewis. His works are readable, thoughtful, and engaging...and the best of them use fiction and storytelling to unlock the teachings of Jesus. Among his works of adult fiction, one of the most entertaining is The Screwtape Letters, written as a collection of letters from a senior devil to his young nephew about techniques for tempting and destroying the soul of the human being to whom he's assigned. Alternately amusing and spiritually profound, this delicious, knowing satire gives some fascinating insights into the dynamics of faith and human brokenness.
  • Prior to our Summer 2017 break was "A Book of Mess and Violence: Judges". Reflecting on what books of the Bible might make for a good three-week study, we somehow ended up with...the book of Judges.  It is a little...dark.  More than a little.   It's one of those books of the Bible that we tend to overlook, kinda sorta on purpose.  Sure, yeah, there's the story of Samson, which we happily share with the kids.  But Samson's kind's not exactly sweetness and light.  And Gideon?  We know him from the bibles in the hotel rooms, but that's actually a hard story too. Sure, it's in the Bible.  But it's just a rough book.  Period.  It's as full of love as your average Conan the Barbarian novel, as merciful as a Mad Max movie. For all of that, it's still worth looking at this three thousand year old collection of stories, ancient and strange and a little peculiar.  What does it tell us about the faith of those late-bronze age Hebrews? What does it tell us about our own faith...we human beings, who are perhaps not as far removed from the violence of that culture as we might want to tell ourselves? Bring your bible, and yourself, and join us for this journey.
  • Prior to "A Book of Mess and Violence: Judges" was "C.S. Lewis and The Theology of Narnia". Of all of the Christian writers and thinkers of the 20th Century, arguably one of the most influential was C.S. Lewis. His works are readable, thoughtful, and engaging...and the best of them use fiction and storytelling to unlock the teachings of Jesus. Perhaps the best known are his Narnia books, which use a warmly wrought fantasy world to explore some of the most vital concepts in the Christian faith. While nominally for kids, they all good books for kids...still a whole bunch of fun to read as an adult. So over 15 weeks, the Adult Ed class worked their way through the seven books in the series, with each book being reviewed over a two week period. They're available as relatively inexpensive paperbacks, and there's a full selection of the series at the Poolesville library in the Juvenile Fiction section. And while they're all part of a larger tale, each book is entirely accessible on its you could feel free to drop in as you can!
  • Prior to "C.S. Lewis and The Theology of Narnia", Pastor David led us through "The Sermon on the Mount". The heart of the teachings of Jesus lies the Sermon on the Mount, three pungent chapters right there in the thick of Matthew's Gospel. Of all of the things Jesus said, these teachings are perhaps the most essential distillation of what he expects of those who want to follow him. So, with that in mind, we're going to slow down a bit, and walk our way methodically through this remarkable set of statements and instructions.  If you can get this, and do this, you're most of the way towards walking along the Way.
  • Prior to the "The Sermon on the Mount", this Fall our first adult class studied one of the Bible's wisdom books, Proverbs. Pastor David led us through this book where the fundamental goal is to teach the acquisition of wisdom and the avoidance of folly. In a world where new ideas and new ways of doing things is a norm, as well as the possibility of our mistakes being broadcast instantly, it's reassuring to know GOD didn't leave us out hanging in the wind, but instead left us not only bread crumbs but also a detailed map for surviving and thriving along our journeys.


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